Why I Write

Why I Write

As a young girl, I developed a passion for storytelling. My favorite stories provided readers with a lesson to ponder on; which prompted me to write short picture books for my younger siblings that I later published for readers to enjoy.

During my teenage years, writing allowed me to explore the world from other people’s point of views; these characters I developed immersed me into topics far from home—drugs, alcohol, divorce, violence.

Although this exploration of
topics broadened my storytelling capabilities, doubt often snuck in. I was raised in a well-rounded Christian home and homeschooled from sixth grade to graduation. What did I know about personal transformation or underdogs rising to the top?

Could I truly paint a picture of something I had never seen?

Thankfully, before I got any crazy ideas to pursue something reckless or illegal, God planted this truth in me, through a conversation with my grandpa, “Everybody has a story somebody needs to hear.”

Through the years, my exploration of topics expanded into darker more difficult areas—suicidal ideation, human trafficking, gangs—and continued to grow. The conclusion of each exploration was the same: everybody had a story somebody needed to hear. Some characters had their hope snuffed out, consuming them with darkness; while others left their cages to find bright new worlds.

My writing abilities expanded beyond fictional storytelling, as individuals began seeking my help to tell their stories. Before I even knew how to label my craft, I found myself professionally ghostwriting, as I translated others life stories into published books.  

In 2019, Teddyfly LLC launched, sucker-punching the antagonist in my own story, a lie which said, “Writing is just a hobby; it cannot pay the bills.”

Through this venture, I’ve found myself utilizing this passion while also encouraging others to explore their own stories.

What lies might be holding you back? What twists and turns are waiting to be explored? Why do you keep wanting to close the book when the story has not yet come to an end?

You’ve got a story to tell, don’t be afraid to take the first step.

-Nicole Donoho, owner of Teddyfly LLC

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