Backseat Driving

Backseat Driving

Last week, I wrote a blog about each of our lives being similar to riding in a vehicle. Who’s Your Driver touched on how enjoyable or miserable our road trip (life) will be based on who we set in the driver’s seat. I mentioned that I choose to put God in the driver’s seat of my life because 1) He takes delight in being at the wheel 2) He stays calm in scary situations 3) I get to enjoy life (the scenery) more.

However, what I failed to mention was just how awful of a passenger I can be. A lot of times, more than I care to admit, I like to tell him what I think will be best for the trip.

“Are you sure that’s the right way?”     “Why don’t we turn here instead?”

“This seems sketchy. Let’s make a U-turn.”                 “Are we there yet?”

Unlike me, God is not bothered by backseat drivers. In the end, the only one truly bothered by my nonsense, nagging, and sometimes whining is me. Especially when I reach over and jerk the wheel in the direction I think we should go.

Be the change… trust the driver and enjoy the ride.

The new year is upon us, time for making resolutions to change the way things have been. Rather than setting out to memorize hundreds of scriptures or read every book of the Bible (which I have never met in the past), I’ve decided what I need most is to trust the driver and enjoy the ride.

Becoming a Christian is a literal “Jesus, Take the Wheel” kind of moment. Yet, time after time, I have found myself reaching over and steering the car in the direction I think might be best. I know God’s driving is SO much better than mine because I’ve seen Him drive me through some roads that I wasn’t sure how to navigate.

From now on, I want to treat life like a road trip. Allowing God to take the wheel and see where He will take me. While that in itself might present a challenge, the real challenge is to trust the driver and enjoy the ride. God has got this! Whatever may come our way—good, bad, or ugly—He can navigate us through it. Whether the road winds up steep hills or descends into dark icy valleys, He knows how to get me through these situations.

And while our journeys and vehicles might not be the same. God can do the same for you.

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