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Write Like An Author: Set Goals, Finish Your Manuscript and Become an Author (eBook)

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Unleash the Author in You!

Are you a scribbler of words or a teller of tales? We often draw a line between writers and authors. Writers jot down ideas, while authors bask in the glory of published works. But what if I told you that the only difference between a writer and an author is one's belief in themselves?

Meet Nicole Donoho, a seasoned storyteller who shared the same doubts. For years, she penned stories, scripts, and poems, but it wasn't until 2007 that she published her first piece. Despite this achievement, she didn't see herself as an author. She was just someone who loved to write. But over time, Nicole realized something crucial: She was an author not because others recognized her work, but because she believed in her ability to tell compelling stories.

In her enlightening eBook, "Write Like an Author: Set Goals, Finish Your Manuscript and Become an Author," Nicole invites you to begin your own journey from writer to author. 

What does being an author mean to you? Is it finishing your first story? Seeing your book in print? Or perhaps, earning from your writing? Nicole urges you to define your authorship so you can set tangible goals that will take you from writer to author.

Write Like an Author isn't just a guide—it's a call to action. It's about setting your goals, mapping out your story, and achieving your dreams. It's about embracing the author in you, regardless of whether the world has caught up yet.

Are you ready to transform from writer to author? Are you prepared to step into the spotlight of your own story? If so, Write Like an Author is the first step on your journey.

Set your goals, map your story, and step into your dream. Become the author you were always meant to be. Grab your digital copy of Write Like an Author by Nicole Donoho today and start your journey towards authorship.

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Also includes:

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