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The Legend of DJ Awesome

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Hey there, super readers! Dab into an exciting adventure: The Legend of DJ Awesome, written by the super cool nine-year-old, Solomon Donoho. This isn't just any book—it's a thrilling journey packed with music and superheroes. When bad guys start causing trouble in Music City, DJ Awesome steps up. He uses his powers and mad DJ skills to fight back. It's like he's conducting a symphony of bravery and beats!

The Legend of DJ Awesome is more than just a story—it's a challenge. A challenge to find the hero within you. It's a challenge to march—or dance—to the beat of your own drum. And trust us, once you start reading, you won't want to stop until you've danced through every page.

Every hero starts with a story, and this story might just inspire you to write your own. Grab your headphones, tune into this epic adventure, and let the rhythm guide your way!

*Bonus Material* At the back of the book, "Write Your Legend" helps readers learn how to create your own characters and worlds so you can write a legendary story of your own. 

Want to become an Awesome Supporter? Solomon is hosting a book drive from May 4-August 17 to raise enough money so he can give away 1,000 books to 1,000 kids. All the money we collect from awesome supporters helps to sponsor books for underserved students in 3rd-5th grade. Please note Teddyfly IS NOT a 501(c) nonprofit and you sponsorship will not be tax deductible.