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So Help Me God: Invoking Hope and Igniting Faith Through Your Testimony

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Are you a Christian? If not, have you ever wondered why some of them act so strangely? Or why they choose to follow Jesus Christ?

Nicole Donoho never thought she had any sort of a testimony, no story to tell of who God was to her or why she chose to follow Him. For years, she listened to other Christians tell of the horrific things God had delivered them from—abuse, addiction, foreign dictators, and everything in between. God had healed their bodies, brought joy after devasting losses, and undoubtedly shown them favor in the strangest of situations. With each story she was asked to ghostwrite or edit, she found herself encouraged to press on in her own faith. Yet, behind the scenes, she was tormented as doubt caused her to belittle the story God had written on her life, “Who am I to tell of God’s great works?”

Have you ever found yourself asking that same question? “What testimony do I have?”

Join Nicole as she provides five accounts of God revealing Himself in her life and why she chooses to serve Him. Following each of those reasons, you’ll have space to examine your own faith and write out your testimony.

“My “testimony” always seemed like a picture book compared to the novels people were praising God for. What on earth could I say or do to encourage anyone in their faith? Each follower of Christ has a testimony. It took me over three decades to understand that the power of our testimonies is not determined by what we think they hold, but by how God chooses to use them. Our testimonies are God’s story written on our lives and it is important for us to be equipped to share these truths. So, help us, God.” -Nicole Donoho