"None of us is as smart as all of us." 

-Ken Blanchard

Writers are great at creating things, especially excuses to delay their manuscript's completion: no time, writer's block, an unfinished ending, lack of support and so on.

We've partnered with a team of passionate storytellers who are ready to help you dismiss your excuses and complete your story.

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So, what's your excuse?

Excuse: I'm not even sure where to start.

Speak with someone who has been in your shoes.

Nicole Donoho

With over 18 years of writing and publishing experience, she is well-versed in helping authors avoid amateur annoyances. As the owner of Teddyfly, Nicole is passionate for quality storytelling and ready to help you map out the next steps of your journey.

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Excuse: I'm not good with grammar.

Partner with an Editor

Embee's Elite Services

Monica Barnes is a author and writer who also loves to read. She understands your story must be grammatically enjoyable to the reader but also stay true to you.

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  • Not sure if your manuscript is ready for the world?

    A developmental editor can help you fix the plot holes within your story and make it reader ready.

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  • Ready to turn your manuscript into a published book?

    A formatter can transform your manuscript into a work of art , creating page after page for readers to enjoy.

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  • Thinking things but intimidated by the thought of writing?

    Like a midwife, a ghostwriter will help you birth your ideas into a finished story to share with the world.

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