What is a Ghostwriter?

What is a Ghostwriter?


Some writers frown upon ghostwriters. I have even heard some refer to ghostwriters as the hookers of the publishing industry. You do the deed, get paid and no one wants to hear from you again. Ouch! What an awful way to look at people who are using their skills to help others. 

There are also some people who think a person is less of an author if they hire a ghostwriter instead of writing out their own manuscript. Silly writers! Would you consider a woman less of a mother because she hired a midwife or doctor to help her birth her baby? Of course you wouldn't!

So, let's take a moment to better understand what a ghostwriter is and who would hire them.

A ghostwrite is designed for authors who:

1) have a concept or,

2) have written material but are unsure how to organize it for publication.

These individuals are in need of a professional writer to help them turn their concept or material into a completed manuscript. The ghostwriter takes on the project and writes the manuscript in the voice of the author to the best of their ability.

If this sounds like the service you need to write out the story you've been dreaming of, start by scheduling a consultation today.

Here is how the ghostwriting process works at Teddyfly:

Step 1: We have a consultation call to determine if your project is a good fit for our company. If we are not the right fit for your project, we may be able to direct you to someone else in the writing community who is.

Step 2: Once we determine this project is a good fit, the author (that’s you) will submit any material they have written for the project to the ghostwriter (that’s us). If the author has not written anything they will come to the kickoff call prepared to discuss their vision for the book.

Step 3: A kickoff call will be scheduled between the ghostwriter and the author to determine goals for the project: What is the purpose of your book? Is there a lesson the reader should learn? A specific call to action? What is your goal for a release date?

Step 4: After the call, the ghostwriter will provide the author with a projected timeline for their project. This helps hold both parties accountable to stay on track. Various factors determine how long a project will take, but most ghostwrites can be completed in 4-6 months.

Step 5: The ghostwriter works through the manuscript, submitting chapters for the author to review as they are written. The author returns their edits to the ghostwriter to be kept in a FINAL manuscript document. Once the manuscript has been completed, the author will receive the FINAL manuscript for review.

Step 6: After the author has reviewed the FINAL manuscript from cover to cover, one last call will be scheduled to discuss any remaining concerns.

Step 7: The ghostwriter will address the author’s concerns and return the FINAL manuscript to the author.


After this point, we highly recommend the author seek a Line or Basic Copy Edit to ensure the manuscript is reviewed for spelling, punctuation, and grammar before publication. For such services, we recommend Embee's Elite Services.


Get started on your project today by scheduling a consultation.

If this service does not sound like what you need, check out our other services:

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