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The Journey of a Storyteller: How to Get Your Character From Here to There

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Unlock the boundless creativity in your child with Journey of a Storyteller: How to Get Your Character from Here to There, an extraordinary storytelling workbook crafted by author and storytelling coach, Nicole Donoho. This workbook is the ultimate guide for parents and educators aiming to foster creative writing skills and a love for storytelling in their children or students.

Nicole Donoho, celebrated for her dynamic storytelling workshops, brings her expertise to the table, transforming her successful techniques into an engaging, interactive workbook. With her unique blend of professional coaching and passion for storytelling, Nicole has designed a roadmap to the world of imagination, inspiring young minds to create their own narratives.

Key Highlights of this Workbook Include:

  1. An In-depth Grammar and Punctuation Guide - Empowering young writers with the essentials eight parts of speech and basic punctuation.
  2. Inspiring Writing Prompts - A catalyst for creativity, each prompt is meticulously crafted to inspire original, inventive storytelling.
  3. Proven Storytelling Techniques - Adapted from Nicole's successful live workshops, these methods offer a structured yet flexible approach to storytelling.

Nicole's infectious enthusiasm for storytelling will captivate children, encouraging them to delve into their imaginations and weave their own tales. As they journey through the workbook, they'll not only hone their writing skills but also develop a lasting appreciation for the art of storytelling.

Investing in Journey of a Storyteller: How to Get Your Character from Here to There is more than just buying a workbook—it's igniting a child's creative spark, fostering self-expression, and building a foundation for a lifelong love of storytelling.

Discover the joy of watching your child or student navigate their creative journey with Nicole Donoho's expert guidance. This is a gift that keeps on giving, long after the last page is turned.

Purchase this transformative workbook today and step into a world of creative exploration.

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