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Did you know it's estimated that 30 out of 1000 writers will finish their manuscript? Or that about 6 out of that 1000 go on to publish? Let's beat those odds!

There are many reasons why writers never finish their manuscript: no time, writer's block, an unfinished ending and so on. Let us help you dismiss your excuses and bring forth a story worth sharing!

Excuse: I have an incredible story but I'm not a good writer.

Hire a ghostwriter. Like a midwife supporting a mother, ghostwriters help storytellers birth amazing manuscripts even those with no writing skills.

Excuse: I have a manuscript but I'm just not sure how to wrap it up. I think there are some gaps.

Hire a developmental editor. If you went through the trouble of writing it all down, why stop now? Get some professional eyes on your story so you can take it to the masses.

Excuse: I have a story but I don't even know where to start.

Schedule a 1-1 call with our ownerNicole Donoho. She has been storytelling and writing since she was a teenager. She's passionate about listening to authors an ensuring each of them has their own storytelling experience. As of 2023, Nicole has authored over 18 books of her own and assisted over 70 authors through their writing and publishing needs; including some award-winning and best-selling.

Excuse: I don't know how to publish or even where to start.

Again, schedule a 1-1 call with our ownerNicole Donoho. She has over fifteen years experience in publishing. She published her first book in 2007, began professionally ghostwriting in 2012 and launched Teddyfly LLC in 2019. This 45-minute free consultation is offered to help you determine which publishing options align best with the goal you have for your book. Teddyfly partners with a talented team of publishing consultants, editors, illustrators, designers, formatters and coaches. If we're not the best fit for your project, we'll recommend other options which we trust in the market.  

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