What is a Manuscript Critique?

The manuscript critique is designed for authors who have completed their manuscript but want a professional review before publication.

Here is how the process works at Teddyfly:

Step 1: The author (that’s you) will submit their manuscript to the editor (that’s me).

Step 2: The editor will review the manuscript and provide feedback on areas the author should address to improve on character development, plot, pacing, and more as needed. The editor returns the manuscript to the author.


After this point, the author can use the feedback to make changes to the manuscript before submitting it for publication. We highly recommend that the author seek a Line or Basic Copy Edit to ensure their manuscript is reviewed for spelling, punctuation, and grammar before publication.

Manuscript Critique ~ $500

Get started on your project today by scheduling a consultation or sending an email.

If this service does not sound like what you need, check out our other services:


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